Sunday Roundup: April 19

I’m going to round off the week by leading y’all to some of my favorite interior design and lifestyle blogs from around the world. These blogs are so great for browsing on a slow day or get inspired for your next great project!

Via Apartment Therapy
Via Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a huge hub of inspiration, knowledge, how-to’s, and great tips. You can literally find anything on this website! I go there to keep up-to-date on trends, to learn about new materials and brands, and to see how other people have made their small spaces fabulous. The best part is in the name – most tutorials and articles are geared toward people with apartments on a budget, who can’t make all the big changes they might want to. Apartment Therapy is like my holy grail – go there now!


SFGIRLBYBAY is where I go when I want to get out of a style rut. Self described as “bohemian modern style from a San Francisco girl,” the blog inspires me to get out of my simplistic neutral ways and embrace something different. The eclectic influence of the West Coast makes it’s welcome presence known here.

Via the Bright Bazaar
Via the Bright Bazaar



The Bright Bazaar is exactly what is sounds like – colorful, fun, exciting. The world comes alive around you in this blog and you can see the opportunities for color in your own life. Embrace your color and visit this blog!

Via IKEA Hackers
Via IKEA Hackers

Last but not least is IKEA Hackers. Though IKEA might be all you can afford right now, it doesn’t have to look like IKEA. This blog takes you step by step in turning your cheap furniture into something fabulous. I personally have tried out many of their hacks and found them to be easy to follow. Get out your paintbrush and IKEA Hack today!

Happy blogging!

xx Katie


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