Sunday Roundup and DIY: Bar Cart, March 22

Via Brit + Co
via Brit + Co
via Style Caster
via Style Caster
via Chinoiserie Chic
via Chinoiserie Chic

I am all for keeping a healthy amount of alcohol around, just please don’t let it be empty bottles of Two-Buck-Chuck and handles of Burnett’s on top of your cabinet. A spirited (….yup) way of displaying your collection of booze is the ultra-chic bar cart, aren’t the above carts beautiful? The best part is, you can make one yourself!

My Bar Cart
My Bar Cart

I followed Scandalous Beauty Online’s IKEA Hack DIY to create my own bar cart, and added my few own personal touches to make it mine. In this super-simple tutorial, Erin shows us how to turn the Bygel Utility Cart glamorous with a few quick coats of gold spray paint before assembling. I upped the wow-factor by turning the dingy white shelves into faux marble by using this adhesive marble print . Minus drying time, this hack should take you less than an hour and around $50.

Style your bar car with the following helpful suggestions from the Glitter Guide

barcart guide
via the Glitter Guide


1. Cocktail Books

2. Shaker

3. Decanter

4. Liquor bottles chosen based on style

5. Bottle Opener

6. Bar Tool Kit

7. Ice Bucket

8. Champagne

9. Cocktail Glasses

10. Bottle stoppers


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