Do This, Not That: Curtains

via @shannonbruno on Instagram
via @shannonbruno on Instagram

Or maybe just “do this.” Please, please put curtains up in your place! There are a lot of different infographics explaining the different types of curtains but they are over complicating things; most places can simple do with plain curtains, straight down, in a solid color and a huge difference will be made (like these from IKEA). One thing that is not all Pinterest-legend is that placing your curtains slightly higher and slightly wider than you think is necessary will make your place feel larger and your ceilings taller.

Like this –

Via HomeGoods
Via HomeGoods

Even in a small space, curtains make things feel fancy and they come in handy blocking out morning light during a hangover. You can also use curtains as a way to divide areas if you’re living in a studio or as a way to make a closet more accessible. Check out what Apartment Therapy has to say on the matter and please put up curtains!

via Apartment Therapy
via Apartment Therapy

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